Summer Drinks

Cloak and Dagger Prosecco 2018
Callie and Nina have nailed their first Prosecco with the 2018 Cloak and Dagger. They were offered access to some quality glera and the intention immediately was to make a perfumed, dry style of Prosecco rather than nuetral. Apples, lemons, pears and lychees…the label is a dead give away!

The Story Prosecco Col Fondo 2017
Rory Lane’s first The Story Prosecco using the traditional glera variety and made in a very traditional manner. Juice is fermented to dryness then fermenting wine is added back, the sweeter wine continues to ferment creating the pressure and the bubbles in the bottle. Voila! Prosecco Col Fondo or ‘with bottoms’!

Blackwood Hill Pet-Nat 2017
The second in Blackwood Hill’s Pet Nat releases from 2017. Super fresh, perfumed with a classic array of rosé flavours and perfect coming into the warmer months. Hand disgorged in a bucket of dry ice, yes this is natural hand made wine on a small scale!

Jericho Rosé 2018
That packaging makes me want to pull it (and the other 6 bottles..) out of the ice and share! The Jericho family have based this rosé on the three pinot’s with noir at the front providing the red fruits, meunier some depth and a touch of gris for perfume.

Even Keel Rosé 2018
As Sam Coverdale winemaker of Even Keel said when we looked at this superb, dry rosé yesteday, ‘there’s more winemaking in this that some of the other wines!” Red fruits, rose petals, strawberries and spice with greater compexity than most, the barrel fermented pinot noir adds a superb savoury textural element to this wine.

La Vie en Rosé
What a fabulous reason to head to Provence! Callie and Nina work with the Croce-Spinelli family on their organic property to make this vibrant and pure rosé. Wild strawberries, Provençal herbs and minerality lend this wine plenty of freshness, the texture unmistakably Provençal!